Posted by: dsduffy | February 11, 2010

Dear 40, You are too close for comfort. Can you back up a little bit?

So this is my last day as a 35 year old. Even saying that freaks me out. I swear I was just 17 yesterday…what happened the the past 18 years?  And when I was watching American Idol (thankfully we do get that show here in Australia – only a day late!) a contestant said she was born in 1993, that just didn’t seem right to me, like she was too young to be on the show, but then I did the math and realized that she was 17. And she looked like a baby…oh man am I getting old!

(I know some of you are older than me, so you all think this age is  young, but it is the oldest I have ever been!)

Another thing that gets me about turning (36) is that I can clearly remember my mom turning this age. Twice. One year she forgot how old she was and we celebrated her 36th birthday again…pretty funny. At that time she seemed so old to me, but now I have arrived  at the same age and I don’t see myself the same way. Oh well. I think I will just decide to embrace 36, why not?

Hip Hip! Hooray!                                                                                                               

Hip Hip Hooray!

Hip Hip Hooray!


  1. Happy 36th Birthday my darling daughter, So wonderful to be spending your birthday together this year, although not as exciting as 36 years ago! :o) I Love You~

  2. Happy Birthday, Danny! Embrace & enjoy!!! Love & Hugs, M.C.

  3. Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you…!!! Just remember I am always a few years ahead of you, so it is extremely hard for me to think of my little sister getting closer to 40! Yes, embrace it, think about all that you have accomplished thus far, and continue to experience all that you wish for. Enjoy your special day, love you!

  4. Happy 36th Birthday Danielle! I am less than a month shy of 40 and I still can’t believe it. How did we get this old?

  5. “it is the oldest I’ve ever been” – that just cracked me up!! You’re ALWAYS the oldest you’ve ever been!!!! 😉 Happy Birthday – I have a few months to go before I hit 36 myself!

  6. Happy birthday!! I hope you had a great day. I agree with you about the impending 40!!

  7. i might not have supposed this was awesome a handful of years in the past nonetheless its amusing the way age alters the manner you respond to so many concepts, thank you for the blog post it’s great to browse through anything intelligent occasionally instead of the common rubbish mascarading as blogs on the web, i’m off to take up a couple of hands of facebook poker, take care

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