Posted by: dsduffy | February 4, 2010

Interview with my mom:

MB (Melbournebound): What are you most surprised about here in Australia?

Mom: How safe I feel. Safety as far as personally and I don’t have to worry about my stuff being taken, and the kids can run around freely. I don’t have to hold my pocketbook tight on my shoulder or watch it in the shopping cart (trolley, she means)

MB: Is Melbourne what you expected?

Mom: It is more than I ever could have imagined. I have seen pictures and have heard all about it, but being here it is a whole different feeling.

MB: What things about Australia do you wish America had?

Mom: The feeling of security, cleanliness, the casual laid-back atmosphere, and the eco-friendliness. I like the feeling that things aren’t so rushed, people have no problem waiting in line for coffee or a sandwich without rolling their eyes that it is taking too long.

MB: What do you find completely strange about Australia?

Mom: the driving on the opposite side of the road, having to navigate around the streets with cyclists and trams and roundabouts; the speed cameras (opposed to actual police officers in cars); prices are high; cafes on every street corner, sometimes even next door to each other;  the money is strange, the coins don’t really make sense (the $2 coin is smaller than the largest coin that is .50).

MB: Is it worth the 24+ hour flight to come visit Australia (besides the fact that your family is here)

Mom:  Absolutely, this is the other side of the world and there are so many things that are so different, and beautiful.

MB: What do you miss about the US that is not here in AU? (besides family, friends, and your dog.)

Mom: my cell phone (I’m so used to always having it on me); my reality TV shows.

MB: Thank you for participating in this interview. I hope you enjoy your next week and a half here in Australia! Love you!



  1. very cute post!!I miss the safety factor…to let your kids run free and feel so safe!!

  2. Nice! It’s always interesting to see what a new arrival thinks. We start to take so many things for granted after awhile. Enjoy your time together! =)

  3. Keeping mind that I also just arrived here I agree with everything your mom said. The second comment about it being more than pictures can show was my very first thought when I arrived in Melbourne. No matter how many pictures I tried to find and look at before we came none of them gave me the actual feeling for this place or put the puzzle together for me.

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