Posted by: dsduffy | January 22, 2010

And then the Big Visit ended….

Just like most Big Things in life, we circle a date on the calendar a few pages ahead, look forward to this date with such anticipation, plan for, sometimes agonized over details about, and have such excitement for…just for it to be over. Sometimes our expectations are met, other times they were too high. Or maybe even we are totally off base with what we envisioned. I mean, really – how can you be so sure of what will happen?

All in all, the visit was a success. Yes I would have done some things different, but that is just life. I might have stayed only 3 weeks like Craig did, but then I wouldn’t have seen the many friends that I was able to in the last 2 weeks, and spend such quality time with my niece, nephews and extended family. Nothing is ever “just right.” That is something we all have learned time and time again. When I look back in a few months, I think I will be glad that I did spend this amount of time, and that we did have a lot of quality time with family, even though we may have missed out on seeing some friends – it was nearly impossible to be in so many places and still keep our sanity.

So off we go tomorrow – back to the land down under. This time, I am bringing my mom along with me – what an adventure for her!

See you from the Southern hemisphere!



  1. It was wonderful & sad seeing you all tonight to say goodbye. Safe travels & have a wonderful time with your Mom. We’ll miss you!
    Lots of love, M.C.

  2. Thank you very much for making time to see us! It meant so much to be able to spend time with you & your handsome guys. I am sad knowing that you are going to be on the other side of the world again. But I know it means that you are one day closer to coming to live back in the US (I know, a few years & one day 🙂 but a girl can hope)

    Hope you have a safe flight home. Fingers crossed that the boys are well behaved for you. And I hope your mom enjoys her visit. xo

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