Posted by: dsduffy | January 8, 2010


5: states we have visited so far (CA, NJ, NY, CT, MA) PA will be next week

7: houses we have stayed at so far

2: snowstorms we have had while here

3: times I have already been to Target

12: times I have kissed or talked to a food item that I missed so much

30: kids I have seen that blew my mind with how big they got

15: times I have held back tears at the sight of something that should not make anyone cry (the sight of the “Welcome to New Jersey” sign included)

8: times I cried, mostly when seeing people  or at the thought of not seeing them again for another year

xxx: the amount of money I have spent on clothes (nobody needs to know this number, right?)

0: times it felt strange to drive back on the right side of the road, from the left side of the car

a few: times I missed Australia (um….it is COLD here!)

I lost count: the number of beds we have slept in so far – I have now coined the term “rotisserie sleeping” after having to figure out where to sleep, and who to sleep with (kids, that is!)

Thank to you all our loving family and friends that have opened their homes, kitchens, guest rooms, washing machines, refrigerators, bathrooms, and most importantly their hearts to us while we are here visiting. It is so wonderful to know that we are welcome in so many places. It is hard to be in our home country and be “homeless.”  So thanks – really thanks – for making us feel so at home with you.



  1. Glad to hear you are seeing everyone you have missed and breathing in America.

  2. this is a FABULOUS post! I love it! So glad you are having fun!

  3. Glad you are having a great time!! Hope it isnt too cold there!!

  4. looks like a good visit!! Your missing big heat in Melbourne I hear!!!! Enjoy your trip!! (our visit home sent me in to shock a month later with the visa bill that came!! It was easy to justify the clothing is so much cheaper in america and your probably set for the whole next year!!! That line worked OK in my house)

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