Posted by: dsduffy | December 15, 2009

Stream of thoughts

{counting on my fingers} so it’s Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday now, 4 more days? Do I not count today so it’s only 3 days? I don’t know. Shit I have to pack, I have to find freaking lollipops, why don’t they have bags of lollipops, what is with this country? Oh but lollipops are so sticky they will make such a mess on the plane, oh but I have all those baby wipes and it keeps Jake quiet for at least 10 minutes. I’ll have to search for some lollipops today. I need my coffee. Oh and I have to get to the market to get more coffee for when Craig is home before us, where is my list so I can add that? So much to do, before Friday. Friday! It’s only 3 days away, or 4? whatever. I hope the flights go by superfast. And I hope the jetlag doesn’t kick our asses. {looking left, outside} Oh it is so beautiful out today. The water is so calm {squinting} are those guys in kayaks? At this hour? Wacky people. Well it does look like fun I guess. But not this early. Maybe they have to go to work. Who knows. I should take Jake to the beach today, wait will I be able to fit that in with all my errands? Oh just make time for it.

I gotta get my coffee. I can’t believe that Jake isn’t awake yet. He never sleeps this late. I hope he’s ok. I hate that I am always awake before everyone else. It is so annoying. Maybe the jetlag will reset my internal sleep timer and I will sleep normal again. Maybe. Doubtful.

3 more days! I cannot wait! Laundry – get more cat food…damn expensive cat food – oh and charge the camera, wait I have to get an adapter for the camera so I can change it back there too – where is that list! I have to add this all to the list!

Uh – there’s Jake…..

Ahhhh {sipping coffee} that’s better. I’m totally going to miss this coffee, maybe, we’ll see.

3 days! Well 4 if I count today.



  1. sorry – wasn’t I the one that mentioned lollipops, yes they are sticky! Don’t worry, I have tons of Dum-dums here for you! Oh, and you can do plenty of shopping and laundry here so don’t over pack! I just can’t believe that I am going to see you THIS WEEK!! Of course anything camera related is very important…I can promise there will be lots of photos taken this month.

  2. chuppa chuppas at coles in a bag and all. big, they last a long time

  3. Oh, stop counting the days and just come home. When you count the days, we have to add one more. Just come home and claim all your hugs and kisses we are all waiting to shower you guys with. On second thought, I think I will go with your count on the days until liftoff! I Love You, Mommy

  4. I know just how you feel. We’re going home on Friday too. So looking forward to it!

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