Posted by: dsduffy | December 12, 2009

It was just an innocent Facebook Status update

On Friday, Cameron’s class went for an excursion (field trip) to the beach and I volunteered to help out with the kids. When we got there, I got to chatting with one of the dads, whom I had never met before. Not even 2 minutes into our conversation he says “what part of the States are you from?” I answered and then he follows with “so do you believe in corporal punishment” with a sort of smug look on his face (maybe I just remember it that way, or maybe he was squinting from the sun.) To be completely honest, I had to think for a minute about the difference between corporal punishment and capital punishment and then I said something like “no, I don’t beat my kids.” 

I think his point was that it is okay to spank kids and that the Americans are totally against it, or that it is a hot topic in America and not at all in Australia. I’m not sure what his point was. I am not much of a debater, and don’t think I needed to be getting into a conversation with this guy while I was supposed to be helping keep 25 five year olds under control at the beach. But I did post on Facebook because – wow, what a question to ask someone.

I don’t know what the majority of Aussies think of Americans. You can’t generalize from what one guy thinks. Of course there are going to be people who don’t like people from other places for all different reasons. All I know is that the Australians I have gotten to know personally are very nice, have shown me nothing but respect and hey – they seem to like me, an American.



  1. Awww….I like you. *mwah!* Don’t stress yourself over it. It was probably more of an ignorance comment…can happen in any country. Just focus on us positive Aussie and brush it off along with the ‘dumb questions’ you get asked as an expat. I got asked some beauties in the US! lol Cheers! 🙂

  2. Well, that is very strange- such an odd way to start a conversation with a stranger!
    I had a conversation with some Aussie & Kiwi friends about spanking- I guess it is kind of a hot issue right now. Spanking is illegal in NZ and some states in Australia want to do the same. It seems a lot of people find this total ban on spanking absurd and in a recent poll a huge percentage of Kiwis wanted to repeal the law.
    So maybe he wanted to find out where Americans stood on the issue? Who knows- very very strange any way you look at it.

  3. We have been in Melbourne a little over a month and so far the Aussies have been nothing but kind to us and have even at times bent over backwards to help us. They seem to like us Americans and our accents (what accent?). One Aussie told me that when he was in Las Vegas they had a crowd of people form around them in a casino because people wanted to hear their accents. He told us he thinks people will be drawn to our “accent” also. Ha!

    As far as spanking goes there are plenty of people in the states that still do it and with us being nonspanking family it is hard to not step in sometimes when other parents are being rediculous. I swear many enjoy any opportunity that comes along to threaten their kids with a spanking. We managed to raise three great respectful kids without hitting them. I think spanking is the easy way out in the short term but can do long term damage that parents may have to deal with later.

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