Posted by: dsduffy | December 9, 2009


I know, I didn’t even leave yet. My mind keeps wandering, thinking about all the things I will be reunited with. And how will it all seem to me? Will it just feel normal, like putting on an old pair of jeans that  you thought were lost? Like getting a cast off a broken leg that takes a little time to get used to again? Or like walking on the face of the moon, completely foreign. 

I asked Craig what he thinks will happen when we eat partially hydrogenated oil again? (it is not found in any products here, at least none that I have found.) Or will I think a coffee from my beloved Dunkin Donuts taste weak because I’m so used to the flat whites? And how about the grocery store – will it feel like an endless space with eons of choices?

I guess we will have a lot to readjust to – the time difference, the weather, driving back on the right side of the road from the left side of the car, and all those words – cell phone, trashcan, bathroom, miles, pounds, I could go on and on.

They say “Once an expat, always an expat.” (not sure who they are, but I think they are right.)



  1. It’s going to be all good! You may miss your Flat Whites, though …. I sure missed my Skinny Flat Whites after I left. Yum! (Guess it was the heavy duty caffeine!) I didn’t realize about the hydrogenated oil … those Aussies have their act together … who needs that! We should be able to avoid too much of that … maybe just in the Sour Cream & Onion potato chips instead of your Australian Chicken Flavored chips (what American ever ate Chicken Flavored potato chips?) Ha Ha …. can’t wait until you’re here!

  2. You will slip right back into it, it will feel so normal and so easy. Although I found myself a bit confused when driving. Have a great time. Enjoy. Enjoy.

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