Posted by: dsduffy | December 8, 2009

From Kinder to Prep

I know, it’s December and the fact that the school year is ending is strange to me too. But it does make sense in a way, to have the school year follow along with the calendar year.

Cameron’s last day at kinder (preschool) is next Thursday, and then we are on Summer Break. When we return from our US trip, he will start Prep (kindergarten.) Today he is attending the orientation and I will be hitting the uniform shop to stock up on his clothes.

So much has been going on lately with getting organized for our trip home that I haven’t had time to really reflect on the fact that Cameron is going to be in Prep (kindergarten!) in less than 2 months.

Living in the US, I always had visions of me waiting for the bus at the end of our street, then holding back tears while taking photos of him as he gets on the bus, and of him waving to me from inside the bus. Well our visions aren’t always correct because here there are no buses to this school and it his literally 2 blocks away and we can walk there. I won’t be commiserating with the other moms from the neighborhood since I don’t know any of them (yet.) But I will still take photos of our walk to school and of him waving goodbye from his classroom – all while dressed in his crisp navy uniform.



  1. I will be there too, so I can be the photographer!

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