Posted by: dsduffy | December 6, 2009

A year of running

Not continuously, but today is one year from my first ever 5k run. Before moving to Australia I was not much of a runner – just around the neighborhood and such, but not for long distances and never in an organized event. After doing four 5k runs over the past year, I figured it was time to go for a 10k at the Sussan Fun Run. I had sort of trained for it, running once a week around Albert Park Lake, which is 5k. I never ran more than 5k in my life, but just figured I’d be able to.
Arriving the the race start this morning at 6:30am, a sea of women wearing black and pink (the main cause was to raise $ for breast cancer) once again, all by myself, not knowing a single person. Oddly enough, this did not bother me one bit. Being a part of a group of 5,000 women running for all different reasons, was amazing.
The best part of the run? I did it. I only stopped 3 times at the water stations, and I did it in 56 minutes and 26 seconds.



  1. Amazing!! Congrats to you for accomplishing so much! You make everything seem so simple, never stress or over-think, just set your mind to do it in a very laid back manner and it’s done, incredible!! That’s one more thing to cross off your bucket list…

  2. Good on ya!

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