Posted by: dsduffy | December 5, 2009

It’s almost Christmas?

Apparently it is 20 days until Christmas. (I am using the word Christmas to include all that is December, including Hanukkah of course.) The only hints here are the minimal decorations in the stores and all the catalogs in the post advertising sales on things like Barbeques and outdoor furniture. But other than that? I would have no clue that the biggest holiday of the  year is sneaking up on us. The weather has been typical Melbourne – one day in the upper 90’s, the next rainy and in the low 70’s. Always keeping us on our toes. People don’t go overboard with decorating their houses (I haven’t seen a blow-up Rudolph or rotating snowglobe on a front lawn since December 2007.) It just isn’t like that here…maybe in the outer suburbs, but not where we live. The calendar says December, but my brain thinks June, sometimes even the middle of August.

Thankfully we are flying to the East Coast of the United States in 13 days, where it will definitely be looking a lot like Christmas.



  1. We’ll have a Santa hat ready for you when you get here! Can’t wait!!!

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