Posted by: dsduffy | December 2, 2009

TWO weeks, TWO days…..

I started packing the boys’ clothes today. I found one of the eight suitcases that have been tucked away in random closets for the past almost fifteen months and I started to pack. For our trip back to AMERICA. In 16 days.

I unloaded big plastic bins of winter clothes, jackets, snow pants (wishful thinking?) hats, gloves and boots. I made neat piles of clothes, pajamas and outfits for Christmas. They are packed in the suitcase for now, and I am sure I will go through it five more times before the final zip in two weeks and two days.

I went to the beach today for about an hour by myself, to feel the wind blowing and the warm rays from the sun.  It is turning to winter where we are going, but the hugs of our family and friends will keep us warm.

My head is in so many places right now: excited about seeing everyone, freaking out about the flight, figuring out ways to see everyone in so many different places, wondering how it will feel to be “back,” hoping I don’t break down when it’s time to come back here, stressing about Jetlag, shopping for holiday presents, and sorting out everything for while we are gone. I am in  disbelief at how fast the past 15 months have gone, time literally flew by, looking back that is. Because looking forward, the next 16 days will feel like forever.



  1. You’ll be here before you know it & we can’t wait!

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