Posted by: dsduffy | November 29, 2009


We have calendars hanging on our walls, and watches on our wrists. Increments of time measured in all different ways. Counting down the days to a 5 year old’s birthday, he can’t wait until the day arrives, while his parents wish the hands of time would slow, it goes by too fast. Each day we have different perceptions of time – days fly by when we are so busy, or they drag on while stuck inside due to bad weather.

Talking to a friend who is moving away, she dreads the next 5 weeks, filled with packing, organizing and saying her good-byes. While for me, I want the next 19 days to fly – to fast-forward seamlessly so I can get home to see my loved ones. She wants more time here, wishes it didn’t sneak up so fast on her and I have a totally different view of the exact same time, just for different reasons. We stand in the same place but don’t see the same things.

We wish we could control time, but all we can do is control how we spend it.



  1. I’m with you …. bring it on! Can’t wait for the next 19 days to fly by & you’ll be here!!!!!!!!!

  2. You’ll have your chance to be wishing you had more time in Melbourne, I guarantee!

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