Posted by: dsduffy | October 31, 2009

Spring Racing Carnival

I was never big on horse racing, in fact that only time I was anywhere close to a racetrack was at my Senior Prom, which was held at the Garden State Racetrack (which is gone now and turned into a massive shopping center.) Last year at this time, we had just arrived in Australia and everything was new to us. When I was asked if we were going to the races, I wasn’t sure what races they were talking about and a  facsinator was a foreign concept to me. This year we are attending the Melbourne Cup and are getting all dressed up, and I’ll even be wearing a Fascinator. It sounds like it will be a good time, and definitely a lot better than the last time I was at a racetrack.
Check back for photos after Tuesday!



  1. How fun! Can’t wait to see the pictures.

  2. We also got tickets and I had such a great time on Chapel street picking out a dress and then ordering a “hatinator” to go with it… and then my son came down with the flu yesterday. Fingers crossed that he starts to feel significantly better today!

  3. Did you make your fascinator or are there speciality stores?

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