Posted by: dsduffy | September 24, 2009

Who said school holidays were boring?

We are currently on “school holidays” for 2 weeks, in between Term 3 and Term 4. Each state has the exact same schedule (I think this is a brilliant idea) so all the schools are closed at the same time and there are heaps of activities for kids. So far we have only gone to an indoor play centre, but that has been enough so far, seeing that I am just finally over being sick. This place is huge – my 2 boys could easily play for hours separately and never once cross paths. But these brothers, who fight at home over almost anything – they played together the whole time, and got along perfectly! Even though as I sat drinking my tea (when in Rome!)  I got a little lonely seeing all these other moms together gossiping, hanging out while their kids played, and there I was all alone, it dawned on me that at least my kids are getting along and having fun.

Which brings me to today – Thursday. We had planned to meet some friends  at a playground in the morning, but our plans quickly changed when Jake’s thumb got closed in the backdoor. Yes – I had to open the door to get my kid’s finger out of a door. My stomach still turns at the thought of it. Needless to say I was a bit upset, almost as much as he was. We decided to go to the doctor instead of to the hospital to see if they thought it needed to be scanned. The doctor did suggest we get a scan to be on the safe side, and thankfully it turned out not broken. It is just swollen and bruised – poor guy. But to top off the entire day, Jake decided it was time to pee on the potty. That just made my day.



  1. Poor little guy! That must have hurt. 😦
    Our school holidays don’t start until 5 October, but I am so ready for it!

  2. Aww … poor Jake. But it’s great news that he’s getting the hang of potty training … that will sure simplify your life!

  3. I can so relate to watching the other mom’s laughing and talking about their lives. It takes time to develop relationships like that. Hope your little guy feels better. I am contemplating going into the city next week to the Melbourne Museum, if we do maybe we could meet with the kids. I am still a bit scared to drive in the city, but was thinking of taking the train, still not sure if I can do it with the two of them? Like I said still contemplating.

    • I think you would be fine driving in the city, but the train is also fun for the kids. Either way, if you decide to go, let me know 🙂

      • We went today since the skies were gray and we had to travel into the city anyway. I will catch you next time.

  4. Centre? Scan? OK – time to come back to the States – too much Aussie speak!! Hope Jake is feeling better – have fun at dinner with Craig!

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