Posted by: dsduffy | September 3, 2009

Mother Nature sure is punctual

Down here the seasons change on the first of the month – Spring starts September 1st. Apparently, Mother Nature is right on track with this because the weather has certainly changed for the better. Days of rain and cold wind have been replaced with blue skies and warm air. I’m not apt to pack the “winter” clothes away just yet, but I have no problem letting the boys wear short sleeves to school.

Today is September 3rd, and what a sight to see all sorts of people out on the beach (not on the beach as we think, but on the beach with dogs, etc, many more people than there has been the past few months.) I even saw a woman in shorts and a tank top (singlet) with her feet in the water. The playgrounds were filled with energized kids, and moms happy to be out in the fresh air. The overall feeling is that winter is OVER and the sun will be here to stay.

What’s funny to me though is that the winter, it isn’t so bad. But I guess it’s all relative.

I made another friend, a mom of one of Cameron’s classmate, and wouldn’t ya know it – she’s not Australian, but Swedish. Will I ever make a GENUINE Australian friend? Or is this the way it is for most people living in big cities? I’d be interested to know if the Sydney expats have many Aussie friends?



  1. The weather has been amazing hasn’t it? I’m always astounded at how one day we are sleeping under a blanket and then the next day we’ve packed it away for the season. It always seems like magic the way the seasons transition. Enjoy the sunshine!

  2. Agh would love to come over for good mexican one night! My cooking skills are…welll…..non-existent to say the least. (re: dinner last night consisted of toast and yogurt)

    Still sick in bed at the moment but let me know when you’re free and we can get together…I do know how to pick out good beer or wine though. Maybe that should be my contribution to the evening 🙂

  3. I seem to connect with New Zealanders mostly. I find them so sweet and genuine. I do have two Australian friends our neighbors, does that count? We had a play date with their boys this afternoon.

  4. I’ve met heaps of expats- Americans, Kiwis, a Swede, a German- but only a handful of “real” Australians. It seems so many people here are actually from somewhere else!

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