Posted by: dsduffy | August 31, 2009

Almost a year later and I’m still confused

You would think that I would have the hang of things by now. But no. Today is the last day of winter, it is August 31st. I always thought there was some sort of winter solstice or something. I don’t know but I did not think it was the last day of the month. Either way, I’m psyched about the winter being over, even if it wasn’t a real winter in my humble opinion. Oh and this Sunday? It’s Father’s Day. We didn’t celebrate the American Father’s Day (sometime in June) so we will do it this weekend. It just doesn’t seem right.

Today I was asked by a friend if I had a waistcoat she could borrow. I had to ask her at least 4 times “what?” I still don’t know what she was referring to – a jacket? a dress? an apron? I really have no clue, and I don’t feel like googling it. I’ll just stick with not knowing.

When I drop off Cameron at school, I park along the curb. This morning I went to get into the left side of the car, it just seems so natural to me, being parallel parked getting into the driver’s seat from the sidewalk. But no – I always have to go into the street to get in the driver’s side. You would think I would get used to this by now.



  1. Just had to look it up! From

    WAISTCOAT: an 18th-century garment for women that is similar to a man’s vest, usually worn with a riding habit. Perhaps she was going riding?? Happy Spring!!

  2. I STILL get in the car on the wrong side from time to time. That instinct just never goes away. Let’s hope Melbourne puts on a beautiful Spring!

  3. So still no idea what a waistcoat is– or if that’s what they were even actually saying. Sounds like we’re both still in the same boat.

    I constantly ask people to spell things– then I know for sure that I don’t know what they’re talking about!

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