Posted by: dsduffy | August 28, 2009

More writing, elsewhere…

I submitted my first article to an online expat newsletter and it got published! Check it out here EXPAT FOCUS . I based it off of this post since this is something I continue to struggle with often. I am sure it applies to anyone, to just enjoy the here and now. We all need to stop sometimes, look around and just be thankful for the good in our lives. We all have shit to deal with, we all have struggles, but there has to be good as well. We get stuck in the day to day routines, sometimes just going through the motions of our day, without realizing the small things.

Even though my kids fight over toys, push each other out of the way to be the first to press the elevator button, and seem to press each others buttons all day long – every time we drop Jake off at school, they go through their usual goodbyes of a high five, a hug, and a kiss. It is the sweetest thing ever and it shows me that they really do love each other. Recently at the playground some older boys were not be nice to Jake and Cameron walked over to the them, got in front of Jake and said “That’s my brother Jake”, like he was sticking up for him. It was great to see him protective of him, and I only hope they continue to be that way. It’s these little things that can easily slip by, if I don’t really pay attention.



  1. Congratulations. It is really beautifully written!

  2. Congratulations. It is beautifully written.

  3. I just cried when reading about Cameron sticking up for Jake. So sweet! And Love the article you wrote. Very well put.

  4. Danielle, this is a great article. Congrats on it being published!

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