Posted by: dsduffy | August 23, 2009

Family vacation

40 some odd pictures of smiling faces. All different combinations of people in the family. I assumed the beautiful silver haired woman was the grandmother and my friend, who’s pictures I was viewing on Facebook, was her daughter. Shot after shot of kids water tubing, playing along the bank of the lake or maybe it was a river? Maybe they went to this same spot every August, each year the group growing with marriages and births. I don’t know this family at all, and this particular friend is more of an acquaintance, but someone I like and know is a fun person to be around. While looking at these photos, I could see how much fun they were having. And it wasn’t just smiling for the camera, there were candid’s and I swear it looked like a scene out of a movie -you could tell these people actually liked each other and had a good time when they all got together.  I found myself actually paying attention to each photo of these complete strangers. There are so many “family vacation” photos posted on Facebook that you kind of just breeze through, because you have no idea whose these people are (you know you do it too!)

And isn’t this what we all look forward to? When it comes down to it, the yearly vacation – whether it be a cruise, a ski house, or at a cabin by the lake, can sometimes be the highlight of the year.  We plan for it, schedule time off from work, agonize over what to pack, stress about if there will be enough room for everyone, take 250 photos, and complain about the usual family annoyances. But it is what we talk about again over Thanksgiving dinner, and look forward to again next year. Spending time with those people we happen to be related to, the people we trust and love even though they drive us crazy.


On a totally unrelated subject, I discovered Fairy Bread at a kids birthday party today. Oh My. Who knew that white bread, margarine & rainbow sprinkles could be so heavenly?



  1. on a totally unrelated topic: are they called “sprinkles” or “jimmies” ;0)

  2. In just a few months we’ll be taking those “smiling family photos” of our own!

  3. you just found fairy bread!! Did your boys love it? We had to bring hundreds and thousands back, they aren’t the same here, and my kids love fairy bread. We tried it out on some kids here the other day…they weren’t too fussed over it, while my daughter and son ate the whole plate!! i think it’s the best thing….your making these kids think it’s something really naughty to be eating and how bad can it really be…. I can think of a lot of worse foods they could be eating at a party!!!

  4. I love the tradition of fairy bread at a birthday party. It looks so inviting with all the sprinkles. I will be taking that tradition with us!

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