Posted by: dsduffy | August 21, 2009


I am convinced that we all come equipped with internal magnets – we attract people that are like us, and vice versa. I haven’t figured it all out; I can work out the details later.

Today, in a room full of Aussies, I was partnered in boxing class with my new friend who originally hails from the Big Apple. Not that she will ever read this, but for privacy sake, I’ll refer to her as Christine. To be fair, I was introduced to her awhile ago by one of Craig’s co-worker’s wives but for some reason it took us awhile to become friends. Christine is married to an Australian and they had their son here 4 years ago. She has been a great source of information, but more-so; a great source of comfort. She has the thickest New Yawk accent (love it!) and it just reminds me of my mom & her side of the family (yes my mom has lived outside of New York for over 30 years and still has the famous accent, it’s just in her blood!)

Last weekend we were invited over to Christine’s house for dinner, with another Australian couple – it was our first time with Aussie’s that weren’t coworkers of Craig’s! (alright, alright I know we have been here for 11 months, it took awhile!) We had such a good time, it was nice to spend time with a fellow American, and to also get to know some Australians. Not to mention, all of us have boys – so there were 5 of them running around having a ball.

Back to boxing class this morning: there we are, in this room full of Aussies wearing “Lonsdale”, “Bella Bustere”, “LeLuu” and all sorts of brands I never heard of, and punching my pad-covered hands is Christine – decked out in a GAP baseball hat and NIKE t-shirt. I had to laugh to myself, how ironic is this? I wasn’t self-conscious while counting, saying “thirteen, fourteen” instead of “thirdeen, fourdeen” or holding back a joke for fear of it being misunderstood.

We carry this magnet around in our bodies, sometimes it attracts people in our lives that we need, someone to make us smile and feel not so alone in this big ol’ world.



  1. Love this story! Glad to hear you’ve found a new friend!

  2. I love this story too 🙂 We love new friends from New York. And you know I completely agree about the internal magnets. We are too much the same for me to disagree with you.

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