Posted by: dsduffy | August 17, 2009

Really, it’s the little things.

Costco opened its first store in Australia today. In Melbourne. The first store in the entire country, and it is a ten minute drive for us. Now you might not think this is a big deal, I wouldn’t either if I still lived in the US, not having a clue at how much one can savor the smell of Bounce fabric sheets, or the sight of the word Kirkland. You see, living here for the past 11 months, all the things at the store look strange. Even if it is the same brand as back home, it just looks different, the packaging, the weight is in grams, etc. Rice Krispies are Rice Bubbles here. I know, it is not a big deal. But when I stepped foot in that store today, it just felt like I was back home in Massachusetts and was shopping at my normal Costco (although I frequented BJ’s more since it was closer, but it’s pretty much the same thing.) To see the familiar jugs of Kirkland nuts, snacks and even the 96 rolls of paper towels, it just was so comforting. When we caught sight of bagels in the bakery section, we all kissed the bag. Yes we did. I didn’t really buy too much, it was just nice to peruse the aisles and see what they had. It was a riot to see the big jar of Vegemite amongst the peanut butter and Nutella, something you would definitely not see at the Costco back home.

I noticed on the items that are not Australian (Bounce fabric softener for example, they don’t see any sort of fabic sheets, they just don’t use it) there is a sticker over the back with the importers information. And the big container of grapes I bought? Straight from the good ol’ US of A! They have grapes here so I was confused by why they shipped them from America, but after tasting one, I realized how different they taste! Who would have thought that??

Next up: they are opening a store next yeat in Sydney, the next year in Brisbane and supposedly the next year they are opening 5 or 6 more in the Melbourne area. I hope the Aussies take to this type of bulk shopping!

** Edited to add: NO they do not carry our beloved Pepperidge Farm Goldfish, I am so sad about this. BUT they have normal shopping carts that only the front 2 wheels move – I think I was most excited by this, I couldn’t get over how easy they were to maneuver! **


  1. Oh, I was waiting for this post. Did they have gold fish?

  2. I certainly am so happy for all of you. I can only imagine your face lighting up. Nothing like a familiar taste of home. Any yummy cookies?

  3. Wow, you have more influence than I realized! Getting Costco to open a store in Melbourne for you!! Hope they carry all those items you’ve been missing …. Goldfish, honey whole wheat pretzels, Reese’s peanut butter cups, etc. You were brave to venture there on the first day!

  4. Thank you for this post! It warmed my heart (truly). Can’t wait for the Sydney store!

  5. You must be thrilled! So glad you guys have somewhere to shop that feels like home. Hoping they have goldfish and honey wheat braided pretzels too. 🙂

  6. Grapes for sale at the moment in fruit shops and supermarkets are all from the US. I’m in Sydney and the Sydney one will be about a 15 minute drive from home. I look forward to trying it.

  7. Very exciting!!!! I waited the last two years for it to open, they kept giving a date and then it opens a month after we leave!! We gave some of our friends memberships as gifts when we left!!! I imagine it’d be a great place to visit on a homesick day!
    (by the way one of my aussie friends went the first day in my honor and said she thought the whole american expat community was there, she’d never heard so many american accents in melbourne at one time. Enjoy your taste of america!

  8. They have Bounce??????? Ok I am sold 🙂

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