Posted by: dsduffy | August 10, 2009

Something different:

One of my fellow expat bloggers, Nicole has passed this on to me. And I agree with her 100% when she said “generally speaking I can’t stand anything that resembles chain letters. And to some extent I resent the fact that these awards all come with rules on how many people you have to send it to if you want to participate. BUT I love the fact that I actually received an award and people are even reading my hopeless banter each day.” (well said Nicole!)

Rules of this award:
1. List 10 honest things about yourself that your readers may not know
2. Send the award on to 10 other lovely bloggettes! (i’m not tagging anyone else, sorry!)

Here goes:

1. I wasn’t given a middle name at birth and was thrilled when I could finally give myself one when I changed my name after getting married. Thankfully, my maiden name is a sort-of first name, so it works.

2. My first pet was a goldfish named George. I loved him so much that I married him, ceremony and all. He now rests “under the tree” in the backyard at my parents house.

3. My first job in high school was in the fashion department at Kmart. Embarrassing as it was, I was pretty sure that I would never see anyone from my school shopping there, it was just one of those kinds of towns.

4. I promised Craig I would go on a roller coaster with him, once we were married. I have always been terrified of them and told myself it would be ok if I was with him. Well, it’s almost 9 years later, and I haven’t done it. I did go skydiving with him though, so I think that should count.

5. My all-time favorite movie is “The Incredible Shrinking Woman” starring Lily Tomlin. I just love when she falls down the drain in the kitchen sink, and the song the babysitter sings “Oh I wish I was a little bar of soap…”

6. I shook Cyndi Lauper’s hand at a concert I went to in 1985, I vowed never to wash my hand again (I did, probably the next day.) She was one of my favorite singers, and it made me feel so special that she shook my hand.

7. I had this idea as a teenager that I wanted to open an Auto Body Shop. I would gear it toward women, keep it clean, nicely decorated waiting room and I even thought about having a manicure salon there so you could get your nails done while waiting for your car to be done.

8. I have a very good memory for unimportant things. License plates, phone number, birth days, even my credit card number. But important stuff? My brain just doesn’t remember any of it: history, etc. This drives me crazy.

9. I miss being pregnant only for the feeling of the baby kicking (and maybe for the added attention!) Other than that, I am glad it is all over and I am done with that part of my life.

10. I am fascinated with astronomy and am baffled by the immenseness of the universe. Sometimes if I think about it too much it freaks me out, to think we are such a small part of the world.



  1. Skydiving definitely should count! I want to go badly, have to decide where. Maybe NZ?

  2. Such an interesting post! You are such a clever gal … I love the idea of having a manicurist at the auto repair shop! It’s like having the car wash in the parking garages at the shopping centers in AU. I didn’t know you had worked at KMart! I worked at Klein’s in Hempstead when I was in high school … same difference! Love you!!

  3. Being your mom, I believe I already knew 8 of the 10, but learning 2 more things about you, is exciting to me. I smiled with each memory. Enjoy making new memories in AU. as your list doesn’t have to end at number 10.

  4. I just told Liam the other day the same thing as you about being pregnant – not being able to feel baby kick – and also that they were all “mine” during that time. Skydiving definately counts – any activity where you almost pee you pants qualifies as a “thrill ride”! I will now add “The incredible…” to my list – have never seen it!!


  5. oh god, please dont’ choose that roller coaster at Luna Park in St. Kilda to be your first. As i read over your list, that it’s the first thing I thought of. The guy stands in the middle and like pumps it along!!! It looks little, but the guy standing and it’s a million years old. Please choose any other one, not that!!

  6. This reminds me of the post were you interviewed your son. I like you even more now.

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