Posted by: dsduffy | August 2, 2009

Queensland, another state of mind

Australia has 6 states, 3 of which I can now say I have been to. (We live in Victoria & have travelled to Tasmania; & I can’t believe I haven’t been to Sydney which is in New South Wales.)

We spent the past 8 days in 2 places, the first 4 days were in a place called The Gold Coast, in a town called Broadbeach. It was pretty built up, which we knew, but the main reason we wanted to go there was because Sea World and DreamWorld were close by. It reminded me of Ocean City MD or Miami FL a little bit, the beach was beautiful and there was lots to do. The weather was pretty good, the water in the pool at the hotel was nice, but the air was a little cold, so we spent most of the time in the spas (hot tub) which were really cool, one was like a grotto. We had a blast at Sea World and DreamWorld (think theme park) and I proceeded to make myself dizzy for the entire day by agreeing to get on the flying swings. Note to self: don’t go on the flying swings EVER. AGAIN. We also blasted through Wiggles World (it is mandatory if you have kids and vacation here, you just have to go) which is really just a little section of DreamWorld. But it was cute. (Pictures to follow in next post, I haven’t uploaded any photos yet and I am too tired to do it now.)

The 2nd half of our week, we drove 3 hours up to the Sunshine Coast to a town called Noosa. It is beautiful. Cute town, lots of shops, cafes, restaurants, and an amazing beach with great surfing. Our hotel was great and the weather was perfect. Did I mention that it is winter there? Yea, so it was 24 degrees (75.4f) and sunny with blue skies. Noosa is a place I want to return to. Scratch that. Noosa is a place I will return to. It had a personality all its own and I just wanted to spend more time there. Well, all this wonderfulness was cut a little short while we were at Australia Zoo and Cameron got sick. He spent the whole day in Jake’s stroller (which Jake was happy about, he hates being in that thing) and the entire day Friday in bed. Cameron has never been that sick before, for that long, so it was a bit scary, but now he seems to be fine.

Then there was the flight home. I guess I should have known better since it was set to takeoff at 12:35 (prime naptime for Jake) but it was better than 9:30am and 5:30pm, so I took a chance hoping he would fall asleep on the plane. No such luck. Thankfully there were many other crying babies on the flight (babies, not really toddlers) so that made me feel a little better, but he was not a happy camper for the end of the flight, due to extreme tiredness, etc. This makes me stressed out for our flight back to the US in December. Craig says it is still 5 months away, so maybe he will be better since he will be older. I don’t buy it, but will try to just ignore the fact that we will be on a plane for 15 hours straight, and then 6. Roundtrip. I know it is 5 months away, but still it is there looming in the future. There are people out there that don’t even know they are going to take a trip to Los Angeles in December, but will hate me and give me the stinkeye.

Ok, so I am tired and rambling. I will post pictures tomorrow.



  1. We will definitely be going to Noosa now. My little was so sick over the weekend too.

  2. Sounds like you had a great trip (except the getting sick part). Noosa is on my list of places to visit!

  3. Sorry your little one was sick. That’s never nice. So glad you liked Noosa though. I LOVE it. Can’t wait to go back. Have been bugging the hubby about booking another trip there.

  4. Welcome home! Glad to hear Cameron is feeling better. Noosa sounds so beautiful! What’s next on your “must see” list?! So much to do and see while you’re there! Enjoy! Love to all!

  5. You’ll be right for the flight!! They will amaze you!!! I did the trip with my two children, 1 1/2 and 5!!! I stressed more before hand but all went well!! They had lots of TV time, but I won’t complain! It wasn’t as bad and in the end, you arrive and someone else will entertain your children for a bit while you catch up on sleep. You’ll forget what it’s like to have help around after living on your own in another country!!!! Plus you’ll be very proud you did it. And remember your trip home (to Australia) flies over night so that’s an easier flight right there! Don’t stress!

  6. I did that flight with a 10 month old! Yes it had it’s challenges (she was in that “I want to learn how to walk stage!”, she had a major case of ants in her pants) but we survived to tell the story. I won’t scare you with the details, your boys will probably surprise you. What is that saying, think of the worst and the results won’t be so bad after all (or something to that effect).

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