Posted by: dsduffy | July 20, 2009

You really can make anywhere “home”

At least that is my opinion, and since this is my blog I can say whatever I want.

We went for a long weekend to the Grampians (We’ve been here before) but this time I stand corrected and will refer to it as the bush, instead of calling it the outback, which is vastly different from the the bush, or so I’ve been told. We went with 3 other couples/families and really had a great time. It was nice to have a change of scenery (I think I have said this before?) and get some fresh winter air. We saw lorikeets, a kangaroo, and some other cool birds. The boys had fun with the 2 other boys, riding bikes, playing on the playground, and throwing sticks into the campfire.

One thing I realized on this weekend, is that you really can make anyplace your home. As long as you have the necessities – in our case, clothes, some toys, diapers, and food, a warm bed (thanks to a heated blanket!) 4 walls and a roof over your head, it doesn’t matter where you are. Even if you are miles and miles away from the people you love, and from places you previously called home, you can still be somewhere completely foreign and make it “home.” It can be for a weekend, a week, a few months, a few years, the place you come back to after a long hike, running errands or a day at the office is home. If you have a set of keys in your pocket, can walk inside, close the rest of the world out and sit down with a cup of tea – you are home.

Next up: we leave Saturday for a week in Queensland. It is a 2 hour flight to an area called the Gold Coast where we will go to Sea World, DreamWorld & MovieWorld (think: Disney-type stuff with an Australian accent). Then we will drive 1.5 hours up to Noosa, which is in the Sunshine Coast, where we will hang on the beach and spend a day at Australia Zoo. Looking forward to some sunshine!



  1. Love your post. I got your message loud and clear. I am 100% positive that you can find positive things about anything that comes your way in life.

  2. It took me a while to accept Wisconsin as my home at the beginning too. It was something I had to work on, but when I did a load just lifted off my shoulders and I really appreciated my friends, family and the beauty of it all.

    Even though I now live back in Melbourne, Wisconsin is my second home 🙂 Would you believe lately I have been missing it dearly? Even my husband is in disbelief 🙂

  3. The Gold Coast, you will love it. We had a great time a few years back traveling through there. I am glad to hear you feel at home. I am still working on this one. Hopefully when our things arrive it will feel more like our home.

  4. “You really can make anyplace your home.” I think so too!

  5. Very jealous of your upcoming Queensland trip. Especially since you mentioned my favourite word…Noosa! Hope you and the family enjoy yourselves tremendously. We found a great cafe in the Gold Coast a few years ago. I now recommend it to everyone…Bumbles Cafe 21 River Drive, Budds Beach, QLD. You might want to ring and book as they do get busy. (07) 5538-6668. I also did a whole series of posts about our trip to Noosa (and Australia Zoo) last year on my blog. They’d be filed under Sept 2008–you might find more restaurant info about Noosa in there. Have a blast!!!

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