Posted by: dsduffy | July 14, 2009

Wordless Wednesday (the Tuesday version)

This is something I have seen on other blogs. I don’t plan on doing it every week, but today I don’t have much to write about and wanted to at least post something (for those certain someones…you know who you are!) so here you go:

Look where they went to play!

Look where they went to play!



  1. Thank you! Yes, I do need a grandbaby “fix” at least every few days! The boys are just so adorable & looking so happy (and mischievious, I might add!)! Keep ’em coming, please! Lots of love to you all, M.C.

  2. Imagine that, no tv show on for them to watch. Just 2 brothers hanging out in Jake’s “crib” or whatever they call it in AU. Maybe Cameron can take a photo of you and Craig for next weeks mini blog. ;0)

  3. LOVE IT!! A picture says a thousand words, especially for this “certain someone”!! Those 2 cuties always put a smile on my face!!

  4. You should post more photos, they are to cute! The book I posted about is titled “At This Very Minute” by Kathleen Rice Bowers. The quote is really the only part of the story that relates to moving. We are finding our way around, although I find myself in tears every time I enter a grocery store. It has been so hard to find the healthy food we are used to. Snacks for the kids has been a hard one too!

  5. More pictures, please! We love seeing the boys and watching them grow. They are soooo adorable. Kate and Ben send kisses!!

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