Posted by: dsduffy | July 11, 2009

Middle of winter*

There was one birthday in particular, I will guess that it was maybe my 9th or 10th, that my family still talks about. Since it is in February, there was always a chance of snow, but this year was the one that sticks out in our memories. My mom’s white Celica got stuck in a snowbank on the way to pick up my cake and we had to cancel my bowling party, I was one unhappy little girl. That day, I wished for a springtime birthday.

Winter to me always meant 3 big holidays (Hanukkah, New Year’s & my birthday of course), having to shovel the driveway with a flimsy red plastic shovel, building a snow fort out of the huge pile of snow the snowplow pushed directly in front of our house, since we were smack dab in the middle of the court, and sleeping with my fingers crossed in hopes of school being cancelled the next day. Winter was also having my mom repeatedly telling me to wear a winter hat, gloves and snow  boots. Every morning before school,  we had the same argument, and I usually left the house with a wet head,  jacket unzipped and anything but snow boots. This was just our routine. It also meant waiting for the windows to defrost, for the car to warm up, or even for it to start. I remember rolling down the windows so we could see out when we didn’t have enough time to defrost them.

Winter for me this year? I think I wore a “winter coat” 4-5 times. My kids wear winter hats, but no jackets, only zip-up sweatshirts (jumpers.) Snow boots do not exist here…they do have “gum boots” but they are only for rainy days. Gloves? Nah, we don’t need them either. The coldest it has been was 2c (33.8) when we were outside, it did get below zero but that was very early in the morning and we were still asleep. It does not stay that cold (2-5) all day either, it usually “fines up” to 10-12 (50-53.6) by the afternoon.

So here I sit, in the middle of the winter *(give or take a few days, I am not sure of the exact middle) with no threat of snow, ice, a snow day, or the possibility of building Frosty. Oh and did I mention it is JULY?


  1. Wow, you certainly gave me great old memories of your Birthday’s and winter school days (I told your sister the same things about boots,gloves & bundling up). You both turned out to be great moms. Thanks for the walk down memory lane.
    Don’t forget about making “snow angels” ;0)

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