Posted by: dsduffy | July 7, 2009


….of Nigel, (my favorite barky dog!) while watching Bolt

….of my nephews, when seeing some older boys throwing a ball in the pool, laughing and splashing

….of my sister, when I see myself in a restaurant bathroom mirror, I am noticing more and more of our resemblances

….of the early 90’s, while watching Cameron & Craig play Super Mario Bros on Wii

….of my homestate, while watching The Wrestler

….of natural beauty, at the darkest blue-black sky and the brightest full moon hung over the bay at 6am in a quiet house

….of true friendship, with a person also from another country, while living so far from our homes

….of my mother, hearing Cameron tell me “nevermind” the exact same way she says it

….of my future (hopefully), seeing a mom and her teenage son talk over dinner, seeming to be enjoying each others company

….of how much I miss my country, not seeing fireworks to commemorate the birth of America on the 4th of July

….of progress, when Jake’s dinner didn’t consist of anything with peanut butter, and instead he had chicken

….of how grown up Cameron is getting, while spending the morning with just him swimming, and just having fun

….of how much this little family of four has experienced together, looking back over the past 10 months



  1. What a touching post!

  2. Beautiful!! You are really taking the time to stop and smell the roses and experience all that is around you. Thank you for sharing your glimpses so eloquently, some made me smile, some made me cry, some made me laugh, and some made me pause in amazement…

  3. Wow Tanya – that was lovely!! Thanks for reminding me to enjoy moments and not think “when (this) is over, I’ll have to do (this)”

  4. Very thoughtful….thanks for reminding us to enjoy and treasure each passing moment.

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