Posted by: dsduffy | June 20, 2009

Strange stuff, Jersey Girl


Reports of Aliens in Australia

I don’t know if there are aliens or not, but I certainly don’t want to find out.

Father’s Day is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday in June in the US. For me, it always was celebrated with a family barbeque, running around with the kids, my dad would thank us for the obligatory shirts, and it would be nice to just be together. This year? Australia celebrates Father’s Day on the first Sunday in September. I scoured the internet and could not find a reason for this, just another strange thing that leaves me shaking my head. So Happy Father’s Day to my dad & dad in law, we miss & love you!

I met a girl from Michigan and from the moment she heard I was from NJ she has called me Jersey Girl. Hey, I’ll take that for a nickname!! She related a story about a friend of hers from South Jersey who was reluctant to answer when asked about where she was from, expecting the jokes but Michigan girl reminded her: the Aussies have no idea – all they know is New Jersey, not North or South. Love it!



  1. When I was in Europe last summer (surrounded by Aussies) I heard a buzz going around that there was a kid from Jersey mingling amongst us… being a Philly girl, I immediately starting asking “North or South Jersey!” and of course I got blank stares and a reply of simply “Um, New Jersey.”

  2. Yo Jersey Girl, wait until someone finds out you are originally a New Yorker! Love this entry, all of it makes me smile. BTW, supposed to rain tomorrow, not great for “grilling” Happy Father’s Day to Craig, U.S. Style.

  3. I still shake my head about USA Father’s Day being in June….haha. :p

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