Posted by: dsduffy | June 13, 2009

A reminder to myself

When looking out the window, really look out the window. See what is out there, and remember that the blue water, the sand, and the palm fronds blowing in the wind will not always be in your view. Every morning you look outside and see people running by, cycling past, walking towards the water in speedos, and it doesn’t phase you anymore. It is just part of your day – before putting the coffee on you look outside to see what’s going on. But I don’t think you even see how amazing it all is anymore. Yes, we are on the opposite side of the world, away from everything we have ever known, but at the same time we are here. In this beautiful place where people come to take vacations. This is your home for only a short time, so really take a look and see what is out there, across the street.

Before you know it you will be back in America, where the grass is green, the squirrels run up the trees, and the vibrant colors of the fall leaves make you wonder how you lived without it for a few years. There will be snowmen to make, friends to see again, shopping centers to peruse, favorite foods to eat again. It’s all going to go by in a flash, so appreciate this time, and just take everything for what it is.

Don’t huff and puff while waiting for your coffee to be made, while thinking “Dunkin Donuts is so much faster, I can’t believe how slow these people are!” Enjoy your surroundings, smile at the little girl sitting quietly with her parents as they have a leisurely Saturday morning breakfast. Enjoy the smells of the fresh baked muffins, listen to the sounds of people talking, laughing, rustling the morning paper. Why are you in such a hurry anyway? Slow down. Take it all in, because you will not be living here forever. You know the famous saying “stop and smell the roses” so stop, bend down, close your eyes and take a deep breath of the world around you.



  1. Thanks for posting this. This is a great reminder for me, too.

  2. Funny that you mentioned the coffee. My Australian husband comments on the need to have coffee on the go and thinks it is very American. He misses the Melbourne cafe scene. It is just what they do there.

  3. So now the tables are turned on me!…. You have reminded me to “take time to smell the roses” , a message I especially needed to hear. Thank you for that. I keep reminding myself to take One Day At A Time, and now during each day, I will make sure I smell the roses. I Love You ;0)

  4. Love this – its almost as if you took up yoga too! Hoping all is well.

    Thought of you the other day when I was cleaning out my address book and came across your old York Claims email.

  5. Your right, it goes by too fast and then the time comes when you have to leave and you might not want to it’s so gorgeous there!!! ENJOY!!!

  6. I keep thinking of this post as I sit awake in the middle of a us night trying to adjust to the time change from AU to Michigan. We just moved back to the US after two years. Reading your post makes me realize how anxious I was two years ago and to think now it’s over. We were meant to be there for three years, but the compnay ended it early. I really had to be dragged out of Australia kicking and screaming I wanted more time there, to enjoy life there, to visit with my friends more…..Soak it all in you’ve almost got a year done. I also saw you commenting that you might take a trip to the US. We weren’t going to but did for the kids. All though they saw family on the web camera we wanted to remain connected. I flew alone with two little ones and to see my daughter who moved as a baby to oz be excited to see gma and gpa who she’d only seen on a week trip in oz and the web camera made it all worth it. she cuddeld right to them. Now as we try and live here there is so much I miss from my “home”. For now i soak up the kids aussie accents, as soon that will be gone and australia will be even a further memory! Enjoy your good coffee and a babycino for me and my kids today. We miss it!

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