Posted by: dsduffy | May 31, 2009

Weekend wrap-up

(And if you live in Australia, you pronounce it weekend, opposed to weekend)

We did this on Saturday, went out for dinner here Saturday night with friends, and went here for a picnic lunch & a hike on Sunday.
It was fun to do these things spontaneously: on the way home from the museum on Saturday I texted the babysitter (texting is the way to communicate here, opposed to calling someone’s mobile, it is much cheaper that way) and she said she was available, so then we called our friends and made plans. Sometimes the best weekends are the ones that are not planned, that just happen. I probably have said this before, but it is so nice to have the weekends totally open. No yardwork to deal with etc, no house projects (although I know Craig misses a lot of the projects.) And even though we miss our friends and family, there are no parties or holiday events to attend, so we have all the time to ourselves. (This is me trying to see the positive side of not having family/friends around, I would much rather do that sort of stuff.) AND even though we missed the 3day weekend that was Memorial Day weekend, we get to have one of our own: next weekend is a 3 day weekend since Monday we celebrate the Queen’s Birthday. More on that later.

Funny thing spotted along bike path in Port Melbourne: woman riding bicycle wearing face mask: the neoprene type you would wear skiing. It was 13c today (55.4f) Come on people, it is not that cold out!



  1. It’s weird, how texting is so much cheaper than calling someone’s mobile. “One finger, one thumb, keep moving!”

  2. I love when those unplanned things just fall into place and you find yourself in the moment.

  3. I love unplanned weekends. They always seem more special and fun.

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