Posted by: dsduffy | May 21, 2009

Interview with Cameron

(This was totally on the fly, I could not think of anything good to write about, sorry)

Do you like living in Australia: Yes.

What do you like about Australia: The beach, um the beach, I like the whole world, and I like the racetrack and the Tasmania boat. Oh and I like the kangaroos and the tasmania devils too.

What do you like about kinder: the climbing outside, there’s cake at kinder, and there’s going to be real animals there tomorrow, snakes and lizards and kangaroos and different frogs (Hmm…not sure about this one)

What do you miss about America: Our house, furniture, my friends, and I miss the TV, all my family, Zachary, Dunkin Donuts, and I miss the floor – the hardwood floor (yes, he really said that).

What is your favorite food in Australia: tacos (this just happens to be what we just had for dinner)

What does daddy do at work: work all day, nothing else.

What does mommy do when you are at school: pick me up, go to the gym sometimes, and do work, and exercise.

Where is your favorite place to go: the museum and the aquarium and the zoo and the park and Luna Park.

How long will you stay in Australia: 50 weeks?
How long have we lived here already: 4 60 108 weeks (he’s not so good on keeping track of time)

What do you like to do with your brother: play with the toys, and nothing else.



  1. Write more!! I felt like I was hearing him speak while reading this! Loved Cameron’s answers, and can’t wait until you can interview little Jake! Yes, gotta love cake at school, and missing the hardwood floor was too funny! I guess kids do spend much of their time playing on the floor with trucks etc., I guess he doesn’t like the tile floor in your AU house as much!?!?

  2. This was so cute. I am enjoying your humor.

  3. Hi Danielle and Craig:
    I was scrolling thru “my favorite” websites and saw your blog I had previously saved. Glad to hear you are all doing so great in AU. I know what a big move is, too, from NY to CA after 30 years in the same house in NY. It was quite over-whelming ten years ago. Hope you do get back to the states in Dec for a visit. Uncle B and I are going to Maui in June for our 46th Anniversary and will be back east at the NJ Shore the 2nd week in Sept, so we will get to see Carol and Joe. Take care, stay well and Love ya, Aunt Diane

  4. This was so cute! Love that Cameron! Please tell him I miss him, too! Hugs to you all, Mamacita

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