Posted by: dsduffy | May 17, 2009

Tea, it’s the new black

Apparently tea is very popular around here. My kids have both morning & afternoon “teas” at school but no, they do not drink tea. I attended my first “high tea” today, and was a bit apprehensive, not knowing what to expect. Should I wear white gloves? Do I stick my pinky out as I sip my English breakfast tea with lemon? Will I know which spoon to use? Will I stand out if I don’t have a hat to wear?

No, all these things did not happen. Basically it was a “luncheon” at 2pm. Thirty of us arrived, wearing dresses, skirts, nice pants, and nobody wore gloves or hats. There was tea – but I didn’t get any..somehow my teacup and saucer went missing so I just had some champagne. There were sandwiches, scones with cream and jam, pink frosted cupcakes & lamingtons. It was a nice time, and I met some nice girls (women?) The kicker though? The girl I sat next to is from New York City. We bitched about the lack of bagels and normal pizza, and how we refuse to say certain Aussie terms (Ta!, How ya goin’.) All in all it was a success and I figured out that a “tea” is just another reason to get dressed up and have fun.

* Lamingtons



  1. What is a lamington? And are they yummy enough for me to try to find them here?

    • You can always go to and find a recipe, it’s like chocolate cake with coconut on top 🙂

  2. we like tea here in the UK – or at least my family does – first thing, last thing, every thing – tea!! 😉

  3. I think when you come back, you should bring back the whole high tea thing to the states. Another reason to dress up and have fun is what I am all about!

  4. Very interesting! Thanks for the link and definition of Lamingtons, sounds delicious! I think I will bake some and just cover them in sprinkles (“jimmies”) for the kids. High tea sounds like fun, enjoy!!

  5. I think it is so cute they have tea time at school. Is this pretty true for all the schools in Australia?

  6. I actually went to tea more back in the US than I have here. My mom even owned a tea house/gift shop for a few years. Interestingly enough though, I hardly ever drank tea until I started dating my Aussie boyfriend. He drinks about 5 -7 cups of tea a day!! He learned that habit from his English parents. Now I have tea all the time and I still love going to tea 🙂

  7. I am so pleased that I actually know what a “lamington” is & have had the pleasure of devouring one … very delicious! I think “high tea” is quite popular here in the states, too .. all the big hotels in NYC offer it. And “chai” tea is all the rage. Now having it in pre-school … that IS different! It’s so nice that you’re all enjoying these unique experiences … that’s what it’s all about! Lots of love, M.C.

  8. Danielle,

    Hey there!! I hope you remember me. I emailed you a few months ago letting you know that I was moving with my family to Melbourne from Houston, Tx. Well, we are here!!! What long flights!! We arrived about 2 weeks ago and are getting settled in. I would love to meet you and get our kiddos together. We are living in an apartment in Southbank at the moment while we look for a house. My son Henry, aged 5, is dying for a playmate. Our newest addition, Timothy, arrived on March 28. He is happy and healthy!!

    Anyway, please call me on 044 854 9147.


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