Posted by: dsduffy | May 10, 2009

Ramblings about Mother’s Day

I think it is 10% easier to celebrate holidays like this, knowing that we celebrate it on completely separate days, I don’t feel as sad.

Being a mother myself, having a mother, a mother in law, a sister, sister-in-law, cousins & friends that are all mothers, so many thoughts come to my mind about this day (these days?) Some of my friends don’t have their mothers to celebrate with, some feel obligated to see theirs (I had a conversation with a friend yesterday who rolled her eyes as she talked about how her whole day would be spent with her mom and mother-in-law, I was jealous), and some don’t feel appreciated enough. I for one, think it is hard to do it all, just like every other day, we want to feel special, and to make others feel the same way.

So to all the mothers in my life (I always joked growing up that I had two: my mom & my sister, even giving my sister a Mother’s Day card one year) I am lucky to have so many women to look up to, to go to for advice, for status checks (is yours potty trained yet? what do you think this rash is?) and for being there to vent about how hard it is, to be a mom.



  1. I Love You Everyday,
    Love, Mommy

  2. You are one very special mom that I look up to! Cameron & Jake are so lucky to have you as their mommy! Love you lots, your sister (and other mother) 🙂

  3. Yes it’s hard at times being a Mom (especially when your kids are little & there’s no time for yourself), but your kids grow up way too fast. The best part is that your sons will grow up to be remarkable men and marry FANTASTIC women, as mine did! Thanks for being such an incredible, thoughtful, loving daughter (in-law)! I love you sooo much!! Hugs, M.C.

  4. Happy Mother’s Day!

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