Posted by: dsduffy | May 3, 2009

Half Way Point

Looking at the calendar today, I realized that it is the half way point. Not for how long we will be living here, but halfway until we will  (most likely) go home for our first visit. So, 7 and a half months has gone by. And we still have seven and a half months left until we go back and see our families and friends. Looking back, my first reaction is that it feels like this time has gone by quick, but then when I really think about it, it feels like a long time.  We are “settled”, and that took a while. I feel comfortable driving, my kids have inserted many Australian words into their daily conversations (even I say tomahto sauce without making an effort), and the feeling of being on vacation has subsided. When we go away for a long weekend, driving  back onto our street, I feel like I am “home.” So this time was full of new-ness. Full of getting used to a new place, making this our home. The next half may go by slower, having that date looming in the faraway future. On the other hand I don’t want to wish away our time here. But the thought of going back to America and seeing everyone, makes me want the calendar flip right to December.

Only recently have we discussed a trip home. Once the plane hit the tarmac in Melbourne, I declared that I was not getting back on until we were actually moving back to America. And I meant it.

I think seeing Craig’s parents, and seeing how happy the boys were to spend time with them, put the idea in my head that we should go back over Christmas. When I brought it up to Craig, he must have thought I was joking…I had consistently stood my ground that we would not be getting on that plane anytime soon. (Here is where my rationalizations come in) But the boys will be older, Cameron 5 and Jake almost 3. It will be easier with less luggage, not bringing all our worldly possessions along with us. It won’t be as bad because I won’t be as stressed as the last time. (I am trying to ignore the fact that we will have to do the plane part twice in a short period of time, opposed to only once when we moved here. But at least the return flight is at night.)

I don’t know how the boys will act on the plane, you can never know. But the longer I stay here, away from everyone, the more I talk myself into thinking it won’t be that bad. Kind of like getting pregnant for the second time. You forget the discomfort, the pain of the birth, the sleep deprivation. You just think of the end result, and that is what keeps you going. 

We haven’t bought our tickets yet, but here I am telling everyone, we’re (most likely) coming home for the holidays.



  1. Yeah! I hope Melissa and Jenn and I can maybe take a trip to see you! I can’t believe it has been almost 8 months since you have been gone but Owen is my clock- 8 months tomorrow! He just ate 1/2 my dinner, says no to baby food and is crawling and pulling up on everything- I am in big trouble! Miss you

  2. Good for you! Have you seen the amazing prices on V Australia? I think I might be a glutton for punishment because I plan to make the trip back to the U.S. twice a year for as long as we are in Australia. I think it will be great to see everyone and have a taste of home. We’re making our first journey back in July to enjoy a little California sunshine in the middle of the Aussie winter.

  3. I had the same thought the first few months we were here– I was just not going to fly all the way home with the two kids until we moved back– but after about a year I caved. Went home for 7 weeks this past Aussie summer and am going back again for 6 weeks this December. It’s so funny that I thought I’d never go visit.

  4. So glad you are finally feeling settled there. That must be a huge relief for you. And I am thrilled to hear you talk about coming home for a visit. Can’t wait to see you guys!

  5. It will be so wonderful to have you “home” for an extended visit for the holidays. The boys were so good on the flight & from Tasmania (granted that was only 1 hour 15 minutes) … I think (and pray!) that the flight home will be much more manageable than the last time. Jake has grown up so much since last September … he will be fascinated by his own personal movie/game screen on the plane. Hope that “most likely” trip turns into a “definite” soon so we can all have a happy reunion to look forward to! Lots of love to you all!

  6. I can’t wait to see you in December! I really hope you come home–it would be great to catch up. I miss you!

  7. You know I can’t relate on the whole pregnancy the second time around, but I understand what you mean. You forget all the drama or the pain you went through the first time around. At the end of every trip back and forth I am happy it is “over” in a way because it always ends up stressful and we end up jet-lagged. But then after a few months back in Australia I forget it all and I’m already looking forward to the next flight home to the US. When (if) you do return at Christmas, I think the fact that you will have been gone for about 15 months will make you appreciate both the US and Australia more. You’ll be able to really reflect on what you appreciate about both places. Who knows, the boys might even head home with a cute little accent! 🙂

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