Posted by: dsduffy | April 29, 2009

Things I saw & heard today

An old (like 85 old) man putting his pants on, on the sidewalk. At least he was wearing underpants.

The roller coaster Cameron wants to go on so bad, missing about 20 feet of the track. At least they are putting new track on, but this scares me.

Jake go off to daycare today, not clinging to my leg or crying. Taking the teacher’s hand to go outside and play. This, after 5 months of the opposite.

Cameron, being dropped off at school, clinging to my leg, hiding behind me, not letting me go. This, after 5 months of the opposite.

My trainer at the gym wearing these shoes. My thoughts exactly.



Skechers sneakers for $129, the same pair I bought for $49 in the US.

Our beloved kinder, being taken over by the Council. Jake will not be able to attend this school next year.Β So much for the power of the people.

Costco is coming to Australia. Where will I store the 32 rolls of Kirkland paper towels? But OMG am I excited.

Jake crying and pleading for his “bee-bo” at bedtime, after the “Paci Fairy” paid us a visit. Today is a historic day in our household, for there are no longer any pacifiers. My baby’s all grown up.

Cameron, tip-toeing into Jake’s room, trying to explain in a soothing voice that the fairy took his pacis and he will get a surprise tomorrow, trying to calm his little brother down. This, made my day.



  1. Pretty interesting thoughts, thanks for sharing, you now made MY day!! Those shoes are strange! Hang in there, and tell Jake it will all be OK. I always think of “Bobbie” the wonderful babysitter that watched the boys when they were little. She would always say that this too shall pass and that nobody goes to college in diapers with pacifiers!! Ahhh the growing pains, tough for them and even harder on us!

  2. We also joke with fellow Aussie expats that we can’t return back to Australia until all our supply of Costco paper towel is gone…lol. :p

    I hope Costco takes off well in OZ. πŸ™‚

  3. Quite an interesting day. Sorry to hear about your kindy. That must be a big disappointment. Is Costco only coming to Melbourne? I wonder if it will be like Costco in the US or if they will carry strange Aussie stuff like jumbo jars of vegemite and beetroot in bulk?

  4. Hey….Jenny…and what would be wrong with that? lol… πŸ™‚

  5. I read that the Melbourne Costco will carry American food. I am so excited about this also!

  6. I got a brochure about the Costco and it reads “Products you love, New brands to discover” alongside a photo of Vegemite, Napisan, Omo detergent and Tide, Bounce, Dawn. I am all about blending brands! It is opening in July, stay tuned for my complete review!

  7. Wonder if Jake’s going off to daycare without clinging or crying has anything to do with the “Paci Fairy” … maybe he realizes he’s a big boy now!??!!

  8. I am so in love with the new costco. It’s a sight to see under that broken down ferris wheel! i too am an expat here. I love it, and sadly they are sending us home!! I intend to come back within the year to visit costco!! I have told all my aussie friends about it!! Yumm costco cake, ziplocs costco size….yea!

  9. What a sweet big brother! How did the Paci Fairy go? I think she (is it a girl or a boy fairy?!) needs to visit Kate soon, too.

    Love to hear the updates and day-to-day of life in AU. Thanks, as always, for sharing!

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