Posted by: dsduffy | April 27, 2009

The power of people

This is what I am impressed by. I took the boys to Town Hall tonight, to show our support to Save Our Kinder. (I had to pronounce it “kin-dah” so I wouldn’t stand out in the crowd, as we chanted on the steps of Town Hall.) Cameron goes to this kinder, and it is mostly because it was the only school that he got into, we were on waiting list after waiting list, and this was the one that had a space for my son. But honestly, I love this school. There is so much outside space for them to play, and I know that Cameron is happy there. In turn, I would like for Jake to go there when he turns 3.
I never was involved in anything like this before, being a part of a group, protesting something that negatively affected our lives. Standing up for what we believe in, for our children. What a feeling of solidarity as we all stood in the rain in front of the news cameras, and people walking by, showing our support for our beloved school. I wasn’t able to stay for the whole meeting, but I hope our voices were heard and we are able to save this school.

**If you click on the link above, all the way to the left, there is a kid in an orange hoodie, that is Cameron, with me holding him



  1. Good for you! I hope you all are able to save your beloved kindy. One of my biggest disappointments here is (most likely) not being able to find a preschool spot for my son. Why is it so hard to get into a preschool in Australia??

  2. WOW!! That is very powerful, and I hope you are able to save your school! I watched the news link and found it interesting to hear their accent. It would be a shame to loose the land space, especially since many people there do not have large yards for the kids to play in. I know the feeling of fighting for what you believe in when it comes to your children, you will do anything!!

  3. Hi I just found your blog though a variety of other blogs about Americans in Australia and have been reaching out to as many as possible. I have recently graduated college in Chicago and am moving to Melbourne in July to travel and explore Australia for a year. Would love to chat about your experiences thus far in Melbourne and possibly any tips you can give me!!??


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