Posted by: dsduffy | April 22, 2009

Now it’s your turn

Believe it or not, I am feeling like I don’t have much to write about lately. I mean, how many times can I talk about the differences between Australia & America. I could go on and on, but that would be boring. And we don’t want boring. Oh and about how much I miss my family, this is a known fact that I don’t have to elaborate on.

So, do any of you (yes, YOU!) have any questions about life in Australia? I would be happy to answer them the best that I can.

On another note, here is a conversation I had today before a class at the gym:

Teacher: G’day
Me: I can’t say that, it just doesn’t seem right coming from me.
Teacher: Of course you can! You can say whatever you want.
Woman in the class, eavesdropper: What did you say?
Me: Oh, I was just saying I feel weird saying ‘g’day’.
Woman: (laughing) Well, yea, if you say it like that.

Well then. Guess I’ll stick to ‘good morning’ for now.



  1. There really are words you just can’t say with an American accent. I went to the soccer grand final and wanted to cheer on the Melbourne Victory, but chanting “Come on Melbourne” versus ” Come on Melbin” was just wrong. Me trying to say Melbourne like an Aussie was even more wrong… I stuck to “Woo!”

  2. Do I need to comment about the eavesdropper?
    1. Are Uggs cheaper?
    2. Are there Gap and Old Navy stores?
    3. Have you tried Vegamite?
    4. What do the residents think of Prime Minister Rudd?
    5. Do they have deli’s?
    6. Are crocs popular? (Kira question)
    7. Do the movie theaters run US movies?

  3. Hahaha, that is exactly why I posted on one of my recent blogs that Americans shouldn’t try to say “g’day”- my dad always sounds like a mixture of a swedish/russian/mexican guy when he says it. Not good.

  4. I haven’t seen any photo’s on your blog in a while. How “’bout “a few of the boys,”mate”. Try saying that with a NY accent! Love you, Mommy

  5. Since we are still here on Maui waiting for our visas and our move to Melbourne. I would love to read about the things you love in Australia!

  6. Um, yeah, how are you going?? I still can’t say that.

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