Posted by: dsduffy | April 13, 2009

Easter weekend wrap-up

Happy Passover & Easter to all! Although Passover does not seem to be a big holiday here, I was able to find A box of Matzoh, way up on the top shelf in the “international foods” section, it was one of two boxes there. And after eating some tonight and reading the box to see where it came from, I noticed in black bold letters “NOT FOR PASSOVER” Oh well. I tried.

Easter on the other hand, is a big deal here. And since Cadbury has their headquarters in Albert Park, the stores are packed with loads of chocolate.

Our 4 day getaway in Inverloch was a lot of fun. The weather was pretty good, considering it is “fall” we were able to play on the beach on Sunday while Craig & his friend went kiteboarding. We had a wonderful Easter dinner with our good friends, and just enjoyed the quietness of the small town. The boys had an Easter egg hunt in the garden (backyard) and were thrilled to be able to eat more than just one piece of chocolate…which is my usual allotment for treats. (As Jake would say, holding one finger up “Just One”). And today we drove to Phillip Island on the way home, the weather was just beautiful.

Doing stuff like this, going away for major holidays, helps us from thinking too much about missing loved ones. It distracts us from the fact that we are not passing the dishes around the table, while sitting in our “assigned” seats, (even though we have a choice of where we want to sit, we always sit in the same seats, why is that?) And that there are 4 less people at their tables- I can’t think too much about that either. So instead, we get away, explore new places, and enjoy these times with good friends, people that we consider family. I am thankful for them, that they are in our lives and make the holidays enjoyable. They are in the same situation as we are, their families far away, also missing them. So we join together, cook meals, pass the dishes to each other and celebrate.



  1. So glad you had a nice weekend with your friends. We certainly missed you, too, but if all goes as planned, we’ll be together this year to share our Christmas/Hanukkah celebrations. What a joy that will be! Love to you all, M.C.

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