Posted by: dsduffy | April 9, 2009

The telephone game: Target edition

Telephone (taken from Wikipedia)
“As many players as possible line up such that they can whisper to their immediate neighbours but not hear any players farther away. The player at the beginning of the line thinks of a phrase, and whispers it as quietly as possible to her/his neighbour. The neighbour then passes on the message to the next player to the best of his or her ability. The passing continues in this fashion until it reaches the player at the end of the line, who calls out the message he or she received.

If the game has been ‘successful’, the final message will bear little or no resemblance to the original, because of the cumulative effect of mistakes along the line.”

Dear Target,

I fell in love with you in the early 2000’s, at one of your stores in Edison NJ (or was it Woodbridge?) And it was love at first sight: your wide clean aisles, your organized shelves, everything so easy to find. Sparkling clean white floors, carts dry and clean; ready for the next customer. Helpful employees, and oh, the dollar section! I could get so many things in just one trip: from diapers & wipes, to window cleaner and shampoo. More recently you added food – milk! eggs! frozen chicken nuggets! You have made my life so easy. Both my kids’ first outings were at your stores, true story. It was just somewhere where I could find anything.

You should have seen my excitement when I first came to Australia in June 2008 and saw that you were here. You were the first place I thought to go when I l blew up my hairdryer the first day of my trip. Craig dropped me off out front and I ran in, searching for the “home appliance” section. My first impression upon entering your Australian counterpart was “what a big clothing department! Things are red, and the Bullseye symbol is the same. Ok, this is looking good.” Then I wandered around, searching for the hair dryer section which I finally found on the 2nd floor, but along the way, I did not see any cleaning products, no food, no packages of paper towels, no dollar section. I thought, maybe there is a 3rd floor with all that stuff. But no. There is not. These things did not make it to the Australian version of your store. *sigh*

I guess somewhere along the way, on the 10,000 mile journey from America, the message got changed. Funny, I keep going back and shaking my head, wondering where the heck the ziploc bags are? Why don’t they have them here?!

I forgive you though, Target, for I know that you are still as wonderful back in America and I look forward to being reuinted with your fully stocked shelves.

A loyal customer



  1. I went into Target (Aussie-style) a few weeks ago and was completely heartbroken when I realized that I couldn’t print out my photos. What the hell! Oh well. Things can never be easy.

  2. I had the same experience when I went into Target here looking for a pair of scissors. Going to an Aussie Target is both comforting and frustrating. And I do miss that Dollar Spot- especially now at Easter basket filling time.

  3. Oh you poor dear – my kids know my motto, “If I can’t find it at Target, oh well, guess we’re not getting it”(which explains why my daughter is wearing softball cleats a size too big, rather than going someplace else!) Hang in there sweetie!! Re: the ziploc bags, are Aussies not concerned about the freshness of their snack crackers???


  4. How disheartening! Especially since we shared so many trips to Target with the kids when you were a NJ resident. Should we write a letter to corporate complaining for you? 😉

  5. I have the answer to your sadness. Target Australia, while it looks like Target America, is NOT owned by the same company whatsoever. They took the theme and ran with it, but American style shopping is unheard of in Australia. Until Costco in Melbourne finally opens.

  6. I feel your pain. It’s only because I’ve lived in Oz for so long now that I’m used to it, but it used to annoy the living day lights out of me. While I wasn’t really a Kmart shopper in the USA, I do find Kmart in Australia a bit more useful than Target. It is actually much more similar to what we know as Kmart in the USA than Target is.

    Counting the days till Costco opens!

  7. Both Target and K-Mart are owned by the Coles Group, although the group now belongs to Wesfarmers.

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