Posted by: dsduffy | April 6, 2009

Holiday vs. vacation

Ok so the rest of the world refers to a “vacation” as a “holiday.” Then what do they refer to “holidays” as (Christmas, Easter)? I have no idea, I am so confused in this department. I think they say “Public holiday” or “bank holiday.” Vacation is just not in their language. I actually tripped over my words at the grocery store telling the clerk to have a Happy Holiday, how did I know if he was going away or not? It is just all so confusing. And it’s the SAME LANGUAGE! (shaking my head….will I ever get used to this?)
Anyway, so it seems the thing to do for “public holidays” is go away. So we are joining in and going away for the 4 day Easter weekend to Inverloch. It is only an hour and a half away, which seems to be my limit for car rides these days. Now the challenge? Getting all our stuff to fit in the car.


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