Posted by: dsduffy | April 3, 2009

The Homecoming

PJ: (waking up from a nap) Huh? That voice…I know that voice….what is she doing here? Guess I should get up and say ‘hi’ to her…

Zoe: (lifting up head) oh yea, I remember her too, hmmph. (head back down)

PJ: Hey wait, there’s my cage, where the heck you taking me now? Aw, man not back on that airplane again, that was rough. You know I am 14 years old, give an old cat a break!

Zoe: Can’t we just stay put for once? You know how much I hate car rides…

(Back at the house, finally HOME)

PJ: Hey, now this is nice. Wouldya look at that view? Man..this was worth all that travelling. Oh, and a nice comfy couch…I like this. Hey! There’s that kid! (Cameron coming his way) He looks a bit different, whoa, here he comes, he’s gonna grab my tail or lay on top of me…better get outta here! (Cameron petting PJ’s head gently) Oh this is nice,  I guess he’s out of that stage.

Zoe: Hey what is this place, are you sure we are done moving around? Should I even bother looking around? Ok, I see toys, some of this stuff looks familiar. Hey, I remember that kid! (Jake coming towards her) Why does he keep waving at me?  (Walking up the stairs) oooh this is nice, I can see everything from up here, I’m claiming this spot. “Hey, PJ, dibs on the stairs, ya hear me, Bubba?”

PJ: (Laying on the couch, purring) I don’t know what that was all about, the cages,that longass plane ride, all those other cats, but wherever we are, I am back with these people and I’m glad to be home.



  1. How sweet it is to all be reunited! Lucky little cats to be living in such a wonderful spot! Yes, it was a long haul, but hopefully well worth it. Loved your dialog between PJ & Zoe! Enjoy each other! Hugs, M.C.

  2. I think you should begin writing a children’s book about PJ & Zoe’s Great Adventure. Now your family is complete in AU. I feel so good that they weathered their experience so well. Love you,

  3. So glad the kitties are finally home with their family! 🙂

  4. Hope PJ and Zoe are enjoying the beach views. Those crazy cats are living the high life.

  5. Welcome home, PJ and Zoe!!!

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