Posted by: dsduffy | March 31, 2009

Random information

Some random stuff going on in our lives: Jake has taken to eating fruit. Apples & blueberries only, but it is better than his normal diet of anything cracker related. Cameron is incorporating a lot of Aussie terms into his vocabulary lately. We even had a fight yesterday about one of his classmates’ names being “Charles” or “Challs” (rhyming with dolls). He insists that this boy is called Challs, with no “r” but my point was that he does spell it with an “r” and the Aussie’s just don’t pronounce it that way. Not an easy thing to explain to a 4 year old. So yea, he has a friend called Challs. Jake no longer asks for raisins. He exclusively calls them sultanas. It only took 6 months for that to happen. The cats are coming home this Friday. Only 3 more days until we are reunited with them. After 9 months of being apart, we can be together again. I hope they aren’t too pissed off at us.

On the other hand, the building 2 doors away is being worked on, at this point they are demolishing the back of it, and it is a bit annoying to hear the beep-beep-beeping of the construction vehicles before 7am and the crashing and banging during nap time. Hopefully the outcome will be a beautiful building with lots of nice families moving in. We’ll see.

Let’s see, what else….the seasons are changing soon, I guess fall is coming, but I don’t think it is the fall like we had back in New England with the beautiful leaves and brisk air. Well maybe the brisk air, but not the leaves. And this is the time when the boots come out. Everyone wears boots with everything. At least the women do. It is like a dress code…black boots, black tights, black skirt, black top. I must not have gotten the memo when I arrived, but apparently that is just what you wear. I guess I either have to conform, or not and look like an outcast. Wearing boots over jeans makes me feel like I’m off to go horseback riding! And the leggings? Now that is one avenue I’m not travelling down. They are just so 1987 to me. I can recall clearly wearing them with long sweaters. UGH. I hated leggings then, and I hate them now. Just the sound of word LEGGINGS gives me the heebee-geebees. And then it makes me think of those stirrup pants that made  you look like you had no knees. Ick. No thanks. So if that is a dead giveaway that I am not a “loci” (not sure how you spell it, short for local) then so be it. I can stand my ground and not fall into the fashion time warp that is the rebirth of the leggings.



  1. I always say, “never say never”. we all might be receiving photo’s of you up and about wearing the AU uniform. (boots, leggings) which I thought could also be called “tights” too Let me know if they wear “leggings” also. Remember them?
    I knew lots of the AU lingo would have to become a natural part of Cameron & Jake’s vocab. You will find yourself doing it also, even if it so you will be understood. To PJ & Zoe, a big welcome home to them, and let’s see if now you can get a real family photo with ALL of you! Lots of love always

  2. Hysterical vision of you in stir-up pant leggings with a big sweater,Danielle! I had forgotten about those. I can’t wait to hear about the big reunion with PJ and Zoe.

  3. Stirrup pants are far worse than leggings…NO question about it!

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