Posted by: dsduffy | March 23, 2009

Time, it goes by too fast

We all know this. It is so apparent when things are coming to an end, or when we are approaching a birthday, while looking back over old photos. We wonder where the time went? How could have gone so fast? I can recall sitting in biology class (or any class for that matter during high school) at my desk, chin propped upon my folded hands, squinting my eyes looking at the black second hand, willing it to move faster. It went so god-damn slow. I could hear it tick, echoing as if it was taunting me. I am convinced that the Board of Education ordered special clocks that went slower than any other clock in the world.
But now, when we want time to slow the hell down, what does it do? It flies right by us. It goes by so fast that we find ourselves questioning over and over again, where did the time go? I mean seriously. We have all these plans and we get through some of them and then bam! The time is gone.
I had an idea of what we would do while Craig’s parents visited for 4 1/2 weeks, and we did do a lot of it, but I feel like the time literally slipped by us. I turned around and tomorrow is already the day I have to drive them back to the airport. I know we really spent good quality time together, the boys loved having them around, and they got a good sense of what our life is like here in Australia. We looked forward to them coming for so long, I can’t believe that they are leaving already.


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