Posted by: dsduffy | March 9, 2009


On a bike ride with Cameron yesterday, he greeted a passerby “g’day”. Out for a walk this morning along the water, Jake asked me for more sultanas (raisins).  Seeing people get into cars on the left side to drive on a tv show and thinking it doesn’t seem right. Feeling confident about ordering 250 grams of turkey at the deli counter.

If you ask me, I think we are pretty settled into life here in Australia.

— on the other hand,

Seeing my family on the webcam, feeling that pit in my stomach of missing them so much. Missing yet another family member’s birthday, wishing like hell I could celebrate with them. Being out during the day and thinking of something to tell my mom, but not being able to call her because it is 3am and she is fast asleep. Watching my kids grow up so fast and feeling sad that the rest of the family isn’t getting to see it with me. I’m not sure these feelings will ever go away while living down here.



  1. Just thought I would drop a line and let you know I have been reading your blog. I have two sons 4 years and 16 months. My Husband just got a job offer in Melbourne, we now live on Maui. We are confused about what a typical single family income makes in Melbourne. Everything looks so expensive clothing, cars, books, toys, ect. I would love to get your view on this! We are looking to live in Mornington and my Husband would commute to the city. Kristi

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