Posted by: dsduffy | March 1, 2009

A weekend away

We were able to get a rental house last minute for the weekend on mornington peninsula, it is only a little over an hour away and is such a beautiful place. The weather wasn’t ideal, but we were still able to spend an afternoon at the beach and the boys had fun splashing around. The only negative, was that this morning we awoke to ants…everywhere. So we cut the weekend a bit short and only stayed one night.

On the way home, we stopped at a winery for a quick tasting and purchase. We’re back home  now and are ready for a new week to begin. It seems like the time with Craig’s parents here is already going by too fast.

Having family here has made everything feel new again. Not that I was feeling that complacent, but I was getting used to everything and starting to take things for granted. Seeing the differences again through their eyes is making me appreciate it all over again.

Being away from home, if only for one night, I felt that “happy to be home” feeling about Melbourne.



  1. Awe that’s great. I’m looking forward to my visitor in 3 weeks so I can do the same, look at the city and surrounds through her eyes. I’m glad you are enjoying your time with them!

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