Posted by: dsduffy | February 15, 2009

Status check: 5 months

FIVE months, it feels like so much longer that we have been living in Melbourne. I look back and realize how much we have accomplished in this short time: got our house set up (furniture, etc), Cameron started kindergarten, Jake got into a daycare, we made friends, celebrated all of our birthdays, rang in a New Year, done some travelling, picked up new sports (kiteboarding!), and got used to a new way of life. The only major thing still missing is our cats – they will most likely be here at the end of March.

Within even the first 2 weeks the question “Are you settled yet?”  has been asked. I never knew what that meant, how to answer and wondered to myself, will I ever be settled here? Settled as in, feeling comfortable? feeling like this is “home”? I don’t know exactly what being settled is, but I think I can finally say that yes, I am settled.

I no longer need my GPS to get around, I haven’t gotten into the left side of the car in awhile, I ask for “tomAHto sauce” at restaurants, I am not feeling depressed or overly homesick, I am able to just go about my life like everyone does, not feeling like I’m on vacation anymore. I still get asked if I’m on holiday, and probably continue to be asked that for the next 2-3 years;  it is obvious that I am NOT FROM here.

I am looking forward to our first visitors arriving in only 5 days: Craig’s parents are staying for 5 weeks and I can’t wait to show them around, for them to see this beautiful part of the planet, and to just spend time with them.

I don’t look at this like “5 months down, only 19 to go!” Rather, I think “I’m glad we still have at least 19 months left to enjoy our time here.”



  1. 🙂 It is a feeling of relief for me to hear you say that you are settled, not too homesick and that you are looking forward to enjoying the next 19 months in AU. It is amazing to think about how much you have accomplished in the last 5 months! In the beginning I wondered how this would all turn out, if you would like it, hate it, tolerate it etc, and I am thrilled that you are embracing this opportunity to experience life in Australia! Love ya!

  2. Well, we certainly can’t wait either to spend time with you & to explore Australia together. I can’t wait to see those two beautiful boys & get my arms around them ( yeah … Ok … you and Craig, too)! Wish it was next Friday and we were already there … just 5 days until we see you all! Can’t wait! Love, M.C.

  3. Wow, you go girl. I was so homesick for an entire year. The trip home to the U.S. after 18mos. here really fixed it though– now I’m finally enjoying it.

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