Posted by: dsduffy | February 7, 2009


Every parents says this: “It goes by too fast!” How can it be that my baby is two years old already?

I remember it so vividly: laying on the operating table staring up at the clock on the wall, waiting to hear your first cries. Then each second afterwards seemed to go on forever until they brought you over t0 daddy all wrapped up and I finally got to see your scrunched up beautiful face. And daddy was right, you looked like a Jake. I beamed with joy the first time I held you in my arms, all new and warm and snuggly. Where did my baby go?

Your chubby sausage legs have been replaced by thinner muscular running jumping legs. Your toothless babbling mouth now a tooth-filled singing talking one. Your complete dependence on me for everything as an infant has turned into an independent(“Jakey do”), opinionated (“dat wone” ), capable, self-feeding, song-singing, game-playing, toddler. You know what you want (pea burr samich) where you want to go (that wone paygound) and how you want to get there (walk!) You have followed in your brother’s footsteps, with your climbing and jumping, your interest in how things work and your love for all things with wheels.

I love the little boy you have become in your 2 years, you are loving (more kiss!) funny (god I love your laugh)  and smart. You are obsessed with car washes, McQueen & Mater, and the fact that you got lollipops for Christmas, each night before bed saying “Santa, pop?” You are very observant, noticing every tram, concrete mixer truck, and of course the roller coaster, reminding me blocks before that it’s coming up.  

I love how first thing in the morning, sitting up in your crib, you put your hands out and say “Mac?” because the first thing you want to do is play with your big brother, knocking on his door and greeting him “Morning, Mac!” And then when you hear daddy upstairs, you run to the steps in excitement, ready for your good morning hug and kiss. But my favorite is when I pick you up from daycare on Wednesdays and Fridays, after scooping you into my arms, you bury your head in my shoulder repeating over and over all sing-songy , “mo-mmy, mo-mmy.”  Happy Birthday my sweet Jakey Jake. Thank you for making the world even sweeter than I knew was possible.



  1. Oh, how sweet! Lucky little Jakey to experience so much love! Yes, it goes way too fast. Enjoy those darling little boys! Happy Day After Birthday, Jake! Love you! M.C.

  2. Happy 2nd Birthday, Jake!! I will always remember the day you were born; being so far away, I wished I could be there. I had so much nervous energy, that I decided to paint my kitchen after spending years deciding on a color, I chose that particular morning to paint it while waiting anxiously for the phone to ring! I was so excited to welcome you to our family and the world, and surprised to hear that your name started with a “J”!!!! We love watching you grow and learn new things. Sending lots of hugs and kisses to all of you, Love Aunt Steshie, Uncle Ted, Jason & Jared.

  3. Happy Birthday, Jake! They do grow up so quickly!
    🙂 m

  4. Happy Birthday, Jake! 2 already…wow!
    Danielle, your blog entries (especially ones like today) really inspire me to write some things down about and to my own children. What a treasure this will be for them to read when they are older. Already I forget so many of the cute little things they do and say. Your blog writing captures all of that so you can always remember. Keep writing!!!

  5. Karen said it perfectly! How I wish that during the hectic early years, that I had used a journal to record the memories! It was busy when they were young, and with even crazier schedules now it is often hard to remember somethings, but I guess I have it all chronicled with photos for sure!! Your blog is a beautiful way to hold your memories for the future, keep writing! (I should’ve had you complete the boys baby books back before you had your own kids! LOL) 🙂

  6. To Stephanie … Our “Paparattazzi” …. you DEFINITELY have everything chronicled with photos … not to worry!!
    Love you, Your Moochatootsie M.C.

  7. Thanks Carol, you are too cute!! We send our love with you and Joe to AU, have a great time during your visit! We can’t wait to hear about your trip, take some time for yourselves to tour and sight see while you are there. Much love, Stephanie and family
    P.S. take some photos for us!! 🙂

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