Posted by: dsduffy | January 28, 2009

It’s all relative

(From rel.a.tive: Considered in comparison with something else.

While Melbournians are sweating and complaining about extreme heat (43c = 109.4f) my beloved family and friends are shivering and complaining about extreme cold (21f =- 6c). Both are not ideal temperatures to be in, and we are all wishing we could be in the opposite place (yes, i would love to be COLD right now). It is funny though, we always want what we don’t have, don’t we? This is so apparent to me now as I am living in a place where they wish they could be, and I am complaining about how hot it is.

With that said, I am making a real effort to enjoy this heat. I will give it my all to enjoy the sweltering heat, the feeling that my skin will melt off, I will make the best of it because before I know it, winter will arrive (not nearly as cold as back home, but still cold) and I will be wishing for beach days when the sun doesn’t set until 8:30pm. Hearing about how much snow has covered the ground back home  makes me a bit sad that we aren’t there to enjoy it: building snowmen and going sledding. But is also has inspired me to enjoy the weather here, not to wish it away, knowing that it will not last forever. Nothing does.



  1. Amen sister. Everyone always wants what they don’t have. I have friends emailing me daily from the US saying they wish they were here. And as I wipe sweat from my brow I wish for the snow-capped mountains of the US.

    I also wished for straight, black hair when I was a kid.

    You never get exactly what you want. 🙂

  2. True True True, guess that’s why I blow dry and flat iron my wavy hair to be straight when it used to be curly but is only curly in extreme humid weather now! Yes, we sometimes want what we don’t have, until we realize to enjoy what we do have!

    OK, as for the snow, picture this, 2-3 inches of totally white slush with freezing rain on top and the boys want to go “sledding” (in the rain!) during their 2 hour delay from school. So as I am preparing to say my usual “NO”, I said fine, let them be kids, and of course they came home with their winter coats soaking, dripping wet as I warned them would happen, and they had to wear light weight fall type jackets to school in freezing weather because their coats were not dry in time for school! But they had FUN!!

    So, do what you do in the heat before it is cooler. Me, well I don’t really like extremes, not too hot, not too cold. 72 degrees would be just fine for me! But then again I like my winter wardrobe. 🙂

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