Posted by: dsduffy | January 22, 2009

How my 4 year old got into Kindergarten

Even though Australia is an English-speaking country, a lot of words are different and things have different meanings. I was at a pizza place waiting for “take-away” and the pizza guy asked me if I needed any “serviettes”, I must have had a puzzled look on my face because then he leaned forward, while pretend-wiping his hands and said loud and clear NAP-KIN, like I was a moron.  At the Market last week I had to ask for help at the seafood counter because all the names of the fish were completely strange (John Dory? Barramundi? Grenadier?) and I still don’t remember the name of the type I got. Reading a sign at the Australian Open yesterday on the way to find our seats “Queue Starts Here” I guess they mean that’s where the line is. There is more of an english influence, as in England, not very American. My ice cream at the Open cost “4 dollars fifty”  instead of “4 dollars and fifty cents”, meetings are “on a Tuesday” as opposed to “on Tuesdays”, and if you order a lemonade, be prepared to get a Sprite.

So that leads me to why my 4 year old starts kindergarten next Thursday. In the States, you have to be 5 by September 1st (at least in MA) to start kindergarten, which is the year before 1st grade. Here in Australia? They refer to Preschool as Kindergarten. And then the next year is Grade One at Primary School (I think?) I don’t know, but it is kind of frustrating to me, I feel like I am rushing my baby into a full day of school when he is still only in pre-school, but that is how they do it down here. So I just have to go with the flow.



  1. Glad you guys made it to the Open! Hope you had a nice time. We go every year and I really love the atmosphere there. We’ve got tickets for next Tuesday night. I’m really looking forward to it.

    First year of Primary School here is actually called, “Prep” just to add to your confusion. =) Hope the start of “Kindergarten” goes well for you guys. Good luck!

  2. Boy, seeing in writing your title including “my 4 year old” boggles my mind. How did Cameron get to be 4 already! Seems like it was just yesterday that my first grandbaby arrived! He’ll be fine in school full day … he’s such a smart, social little guy …. and he’ll probably be well ahead of the curve when he gets to school in MA. By the way, “queue” is one of my favorite Scrabble words! Love you!

  3. What is the “Open”?

  4. Tennis anyone?? Just like the U.S. Open, tennis, golf, AU has their own Australian Open – tennis. Danielle, sounds like fun, glad you were able to attend!!

  5. Hey you! Andy was held back a year when he got home from Australia b/c of the diff in the grades.

    I miss you guys-
    I am sending the kids to a diff preschool next year. I wanted to get them on the same m/w/f schedule- it has been a real pain!

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