Posted by: dsduffy | January 20, 2009

Writing, elsewhere

No, I haven’t ditched this blog, but I did get an article I wrote posted on another website!

Melbourne is a very active city, especially where we live – right across the street from the beach where there is a running/walking/running path that is about 10km. From 6am to even 9pm there is always someone running by, whizzing past on a bike or swimming laps in the water. On hot days like today (38c), rainy days, and even against the relentless Port Phillip winds, people are getting their exercise.

Melbourne is an easy place to get fit and stay active. In the presence of large gyms with monthly specials, numerous “personal training studios” , Hot Yoga, Pilates, and fliers for “boot camp on the beach” in the mailbox, you cannot escape the lure of a workout here. I am currently a member at the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Center (MSAC), a place that has hosted over 43 international events and over 135 national events (info from their website). At any time walking through the facility, you may hear cheers from the stands at the pools or basketball courts, see volleyball teams waiting for their games to start or hundreds of uni students (college kids) warming up for their game. Right outside at the Albert Park Lake, there are always runners, moms with strollers and bikers riding the 5k loop. This place is the Mecca for all things active. I look forward to enjoying more activities with the boys (cricket? footy?) and will keep staying active at the top of my to-do list while living here.



  1. Congrats!!!

  2. Nice article….I see myself in your article so much except that I am stuck about 3/4 of the way into your story, feeling unmotivated but jiggly and out of shape! I am inspired by this! Great job!

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