Posted by: dsduffy | January 15, 2009

You gotta have friends

They come in all shapes and sizes, literally and figuratively. Some I met in 7th grade, others from overnight camp back in the 80’s, women I made eye contact with across the circle in Gymboree class with my 3 month old baby, wondering if I still had spit up on my shoulder. Some friendships  are so deep they feel like blood relatives, confidantes I can call early in the morning to vent about anything and everything, knowing they will listen, not judge and validate my feelings. There are those people I meet and immediately form a bond with, feeling  like I can say anything, share embarassing stories with, and instantly feel like we’ve been friends for years. A friendship with a coworker in the cubicle next to me, someone that I never imagined myself befriending, but I looked  forward to having lunch with everyday. There are so many types of friendships, each unique and special, each fulfilling a different need. Some may be a mother-figure, another someone I swear was my twin, separated at birth. We may not talk all the time, some only by email, get a forwarded joke, or hear good news from another friend. But these people came into my life, and changed it. They get me through hard times, rejoice in the good times, and know I will do the same with them. Without them, where would I be?

Sitting  at a Thai restaurant with 3 women, all of us half a world away from our friends, I look at them and am thankful for all types of friends and friendships.



  1. And then there are some who also share just some funny times with…..and somehow people think you look alike. I should scan the photo I have of you, me and Elana! All wearing black tops with the same length hair. I can’t even remember when I didn’t know you.

  2. What a great post. I totally agree about the importance of friendships. It was never more evident to me until I moved to Australia and was no longer near my friends. I am glad you have been able to forge new friendships here, while still embracing those back home. It is important. All the best!

  3. Sounds like you’ve been making yourself a life here. You go girl.

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